Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

Mixed fun #1 Applekorn + Icetea

Hey, some people aks for some shorter recipes, and some for special german recipes, here is one tasty (in my mind)

You need some kind of  apple flavored liquor like berentzen(. (its a german liguer, but i really don´t know if its avaible in your country, in the netherlands i never found some)

Now you only have to mix it with some icetea, i use lemon, but peach is okay too.
Using a cheap icetea insted of liptop give you a  sweet taste, adding some icecubes and the drink is ready for drinking :)
Adding some lemon slices for candyeye.

Montag, 23. Mai 2011

Tequila sunrise

And the next one, short recipe but absolut nice drink ;)
Here we go:

What sou need:
4cl Tequila
2cl Grenadinesyrup

Put some Icecubes into a Longdrinkglass and pour in the 4cl Tequila.
After that fill the glass with orangejuice.
The final step is to our in the 2cl Grenadinesyrup, it will sing to the glass ground.
Its really importend to fill in the orangejuice before fill in the 2cl grenadinesyrup because if you fill first the grenadinesyrup and after that the orangejuice they will mix and you dont get these wonderfull gradient.
Eyecandytip: Use a lemon-slice for a extra nice optical effect!
Have fun :)

Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011


Kubas national drink, the Mojito, here we go:

What you need:
- 3 barspoon of granulated sugar
- 1.5 cl Sugarsyrup
- 4 cl Sodawater
- 1 lime
- Ice cubes
- fresh mint
- 6 cl white rum

Put 6 mint leaves togehter with 3 barspoon granuladed sugar and the juice of one lime into a glass and
use a muddler to get some of the minttaste (you can cut the mint before putting into the glass for a better mint taste).
Fill Icecubes (no crushed ice) into the glass and pour the 6 cl rum and the 4 cl Soda.
Well done, feel happy drinking these fresh drink.

Samstag, 21. Mai 2011

Sex on the Beach

Aww(wwww) every one need it some times and its veeeery fucking nice ( and if my fride wasn´t empty and i where not very drunk), i would make me some SEX ON THE BEACH!!!
Okay lets start:
You need:
 -8cl orangejuice
 -8cl cranberryjuice
 -2cl of Peachliqueur
 -Ice cubes
 -4cl Wodka (or vodka) (here in god old germany we use "Russian Standart"(from russia)) but Skyy
Vodka or Absolut (from Sweden) are to be the same like Russian standart.
Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker (with icecubes) and shake very well.
Strain the drink into a longdrink glass and serve it with afruit slice, stick on the glass
Have fun with this recipe :)


You need:
- 4 Barspoon Granulated sugar
- 1 lime
- 6 cl Cachaca
- Crushed Ice

Cut the lime into half and every half into quarter. Put the lime eights with 4 Barspoons of Granulated sugar into a big glass and use a muddler to create a paste.
Fill the glass with crushed ice and after that pour in the 6 cl Cachaca (I prefer Pitu).
Use some big drinking straw und have fun :)